The 5 Best Credit Repair Companies

By building your own business, you’ll be running a credit repair company with software that automates the work for you and a supportive team to lay your startup groundwork. Generally, a business license is a permit issued by your city, as a requirement to open any type of business. At this time, only one state requires credit repair companies to be licensed. For mortgage brokers and auto dealers, generating leads and closing more loans is worth more than any fee.

Be very clear about what you can and cannot offer and a reasonable timeframe. Each time you work in Credit Repair Cloud, your client will be notified of changes and updates. They can log into their portal to see your progress, and it makes the entire process transparent, with no secrets. Credit Repair Cloud can take a lot of the heavy lifting out of engaging and building trust with potential clients through automation features. We have software users with thousands of clients, making millions of dollars a year.

If no response is received within 30 days of mailing the letter directly to the creditor, then you should then dispute the account with the business credit reporting agencies. The success in your credit repair business may very well rely on choosing the right credit repair software. An extensive library of templates in your credit repair software will definitely aid you if you don’t have much experience or time to write dispute letters. And your choice of credit repair software should give you complete customization functions.

However, you can contact customer service to discuss the item on your report as well as your options. You are able to take many of the same steps a credit repair organization would take, for free. A great first step is obtaining copies of your credit reports from the three nationwide credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. A scam credit repair company, for instance, may claim it can help you hide negative account information or bankruptcy.

These little extras will give your clients the “wow-factor” that will make them want to tell all their friends how much you helped them. Building early alliances in the financial services field is a win-win situation that results in happy clients for both of you. Be ready to diagnose any situation with continuing education in the credit repair field. This is a great opportunity to reach out to other small business owners to ask for advice and begin building relationships. Watch our How to Start a Credit Repair Business webinar and you’ll get plenty of ideas. Serious business owners focus on a successful business like they are training for gold medal.

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