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There are also counter intuitive rules that apply that cannot be guessed or found by the lay person. As many as 25 states currently have registration conditions that online and at home, credit repair businesses need to get started. The easiest way to look up your state’s requirements is to call or go online to your Department of Revenue and do some research. Make sure that your credit repair business plan reflects these conditions before you really begin. The financial opportunity for credit repair in your area is incredible. More than three-quarters of all credit reports in the U.S. have errors that lower a person’s credit score.

A merchant account is required for any functioning business that wishes to accept debit and credit card payments. Most banks, however, are unwilling to accept the risks associated with credit repair agencies. Conduct thorough research and partner with a credit repair merchant service that understands and can support your business needs. ​This is perfect for people wanting to know how to start a credit repair business, or those who own a credit repair business now and want to make more money. But keep in mind, you do not have the same rights as you do with consumer credit reporting as there is no Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Want to rapidly increase the number of quality leads that enter your sales funnel? The object is to get as many leads as you can into your sales funnel, then the strongest leads, after much cultivation, finally become successful sales. Before you talk to your first client you must have a clear, transparent plan in place. Financial affiliates can refer clients to you better if they know how you help people and who you’re looking for. This will give you a target range so you can easily decide who is and is not a potential client. Taking on clients who you simply cannot help to achieve their goals is a losing game.

This package includes the services of the other packages as well as additional identity theft protection, FICO score tracker, and personal finance tools. When it comes to credit repair, there are many service providers to choose from, each offering to boost your credit score. But per the Credit Repair Organizations Act , companies can’t promise results. If you can’t afford to pay for a credit repair company’s services, it may be possible to achieve the same results on your own for free.

Overall, The Credit Pros is one of the best options when it comes to hiring a credit repair agency. With unlimited disputes, 24/7 access to client portals, and identity theft protection with every plan, you can’t go wrong with The Credit Pros. The Credit Pros offer 3 different credit repair packages to meet the needs of all clients. Whether you’re looking for credit score monitoring or a full-fledged credit repair service, you’re likely to find a plan that meets your needs and budget. – This package includes everything above plus cease & desist letters to creditors, quarterly credit score analysis, hard inquiry challenging, and 24/7 credit monitoring.

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