2021’s Best Credit Repair Companies

This should include your client intake process, how you will pull credit reports, when clients will be charged, email automation, etc. This will make your life so much easier in the long run and will make your business appear professional to outsiders. The Money Management package is the cheapest option and includes monitoring of one’s identity on the dark web, TransUnion, and more. It grants access to the CashRules finance manager, a powerful tool for managing personal finances. It allows users to integrate bank accounts, track transactions, and set budgets. It comes with everything in the above two packages, as well as unlimited challenges on erroneous items.

If you’re wondering about how to start a credit repair business from home, you’re probably asking yourself where to begin your plan. But the fact is that in the credit repair space, staying competitive is a must and it’s important to stay flexible. This portion of the business plan is vital; however, it can certainly change. You need to decide how much you will charge for your credit repair services. Like all businesses, starting a credit repair business is not for the faint heart.

Sky Blue Credit Repair has a two-tier pricing model that allows you to take advantage of all its services for a flat rate of $79 a month, or $119 a month for couples . Make every effort to prevent late payments (and pay all that’s due). Fora Financial provides business capital, including business loans and Revenue Based Financing, directly and through a network of unaffiliated third-party funding providers. Business loans are offered by Fora Financial Business Loans LLC or, in California, by Fora Financial West LLC, a licensed California Finance Lender, License No. 603J080.

That means they’ll help you identify actions you can take to help improve your score even more. Each one of their credit repair packages includes an initial consultation. They’ll also contact credit bureaus to correct any issues on your credit report. Due to this, you should consider paying a company in the credit repair industry to help you improve your scores. However, as with any vendor, you’ll need to conduct due diligence to find a reputable credit repair company. Similarly, to personal credit repair, when a business is looking to improve scores there is frequently credit repair needed to remove delinquent information on reports.

With your legal consent, the company goes on to dispute inaccuracies with your creditors and the major credit bureaus. Once they’re notified, credit reporting agencies must then investigate within 30 days of receiving a dispute. Once they confirm them as errors, they’ll remove them from your credit profile. Credit repair companies help their clients by removing negative items from their credit report, such as late payments, debt collections, and bankruptcies.

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